WiceGrid 3.6.0.pre4 examples

Removing link "All Records"

Use allow_showing_all_records: false to remove "show all" link from the grid.

  • # encoding: utf-8
    class AllRecordsController < ApplicationController
      def index
        @tasks_grid = initialize_grid(Task,
          include:  [:priority, :status, :project, :assigned_users],
          order:  'statuses.name',
          custom_order:  {
            'tasks.priority_id' => 'priorities.name',
            'tasks.status_id' => 'statuses.position',
            'tasks.project_id' => 'projects.name'
  • .well
      %h2= current_page_title
        %code allow_showing_all_records:  false
        to remove "show all" link from the grid.
    = show_code
        = render   'grid'
  • <%= grid(@tasks_grid, allow_showing_all_records:  false) do |g|
      g.column name:  'ID', attribute: 'id', filter: false
      g.column name:  'Title', attribute: 'title'
      g.column name:  'Priority', attribute: 'priority_id', custom_filter: Priority.to_dropdown do |task|
        task.priority.name if task.priority
      g.column name:  'Status', attribute: 'status_id', custom_filter: Status.to_dropdown  do |task|
        task.status.name if task.status
      g.column name:  'Project Name', attribute: 'project_id', custom_filter: Project.to_dropdown do |task|
        task.project.name if task.project
      g.column  name:  'Archived', attribute: 'archived' do |task|
        task.archived? ? 'Yes' : 'No'
      g.column name:  'Added', attribute: 'created_at' do |task|
      g.column   do |task|
        link_to('Edit', edit_task_path(task))
    end -%>
IDTitlePriorityStatus Project NameArchivedAdded

1-20 / 500
77sed quibusdam isteLowNewDivine FirmwareNo03 Jun 12:37Edit
137molestiaeHighNewSuper GameYes12 Jun 12:37Edit
140mollitiaAnecdoticNewUltimate WebsiteNo21 May 12:37Edit
181temporeHighNewUltimate WebsiteNo09 May 12:37Edit
244autem sintAnecdoticNewDivine FirmwareYes14 Apr 12:37Edit
265reprehenderit voluptasLowNewDivine FirmwareNo01 Apr 12:37Edit
278itaqueHighNewSuper GameYes25 Apr 12:37Edit
281velitNewDivine FirmwareNo20 Mar 12:37Edit
300minimaAnecdoticNewDivine FirmwareYes07 Apr 12:37Edit
314facere adipisci doloresNewDivine FirmwareNo16 May 12:37Edit
340est vitaeAnecdoticNewSuper GameNo17 Jun 12:37Edit
353rerum nam eligendiNewDivine FirmwareYes08 Apr 12:37Edit
443ullam laudantium commodiAnecdoticNewDivine FirmwareNo18 May 12:37Edit
426accusantium eligendiAnecdoticNewSuper GameNo29 Apr 12:37Edit
15est ut autNewDivine FirmwareNo17 Apr 12:37Edit
355optioHighNewUltimate WebsiteNo13 Apr 12:37Edit
392velit vitaeHighNewUltimate WebsiteNo16 May 12:37Edit
398dolores sitHighNewDivine FirmwareNo29 Mar 12:37Edit
366debitis nihil quidemAnecdoticNewUltimate WebsiteNo06 May 12:37Edit
456inventore voluptasUrgentNewDivine FirmwareNo31 May 12:37Edit

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